Bacan Doko Stone

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Since the beginning of human civilization centuries ago ago. Gemstone is a commodity much in demand. Beauty, overstepped and spritual nature make it as a symbol of wealth, King emblem, the symbol of power and lately used as a symbol of love. In every civilization, every society collectively show the desire and interest to have a wonderful gift offered by nature.
There is one type of stone, which he only found and can only find in Indonesia, namely Bacan Doko Stone, Bacan doko stone according to a scale of Moise has a hardness between 7 – 8 scale Moise (for comparison), while Diamond has a hardness level 10 on a scale Mouise , The harder the stone the more expensive, of course we wonder why ???. Due to form stones (polishing) stone maximum hardness required to obtain the desired shape, so that later the stone is not easily broken during the polishing process. Therefore Bacan Doko Stone does not break easily when formed into a ring.
Bacan Doko Stone found only in Indonesia, precisely located on the island Kasiruta, South Halmahera, village Doko, the mine has traditionally by digging a hole at the foot of the mountains in the middle of the jungle, Bacan doko stone color green is so in the interest of the World market, especially the yellow race nation nations (China, Taiwan and Korea). If we ask why? of course because according to them, Bacan Doko Stone is the alternative rock of the Jade that is very expensive, but the quality and the physical form that is not much different (both green and has a degree of hardness which is almost the same). Therefore many collectors Bacan Doko Stone originating from there.
Bacan Doko Stone an alteration of rocks derived from igneous and volcanic mineral constituent is composed of quartz, chrysocolla, limonite, azurite and carrier bit of copper and iron. So Bacan doko stone requires a long process in the making, therefore the price is very expensive Bacan doko stone.
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– Om Bacan (Bacan island communities)
Picture Bacan Stone
Picture Bacan Stone